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Colorful Lighting Enterprise Culture

Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, innovation is the source of an enterprise everlasting. We actively advocate innovative culture, and through a variety of incentives to encourage employees to break the old thinking, positive and bold, positive action, continuous innovation, continuous progress.

Responsibility regardless of size, regardless of the severity. Responsibility not only means to pay, but also means a commitment.

Performance Oriented
We insist on result oriented, the focus of the work is always in improving the performance, the realization of the goal and the results of the output. We are willing to provide a loose platform  to employee value reflected, let employee learn self motivation, take the initiative to find problems and opportunities, looking for ways to improve performance. 

Corporate Pphilosophy: Respect and return to partners, Highlight the value of achievement

Enterprise Creed: Trueth, Steadiness, Passion, Breakthrough; 

Enterprise Spirit: Intentions, Initiative, Mutual assistance, Mutual benefit and Win-win situation; 

Business Objectives: To be the most creative lighting company in China; 

Enterprise Policy: To train for excellent talents, to provide high quality products and services, to increase the quality of life.
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